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Wavelab/Uad-1 problems revisted


Loved the plate verb registry fix. Thanks.

I wonder if anyone would know why, when I highlight a section of a wavelab\"montage\",(in order to apply effects for rendering),...the only effects listed for use are the Uad-1 plugs.

None of my DirectX( Waves ) plugs are even showing up. Normally I wouldn't mind, as I generally use UA plugs before the Waves plugs. However, I'm getting a render error message staing that \"one or more plugs could not load, ie out of cpu.

When the montage is playing back, my uad-1 cpu is reading about 71%, I'm running the dreamverb, plate verb, and the precision eq. All effects play back with no problems. However, whenever I render I get the afforementioned message.




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Go to Options > Organize Mater Section Plugins. Check the effects that you want to show up.
Btw, I learned about this by using the Wavelab Help section.


THanks, but I already have them all enabled in options. All my effects show up if I'm working with audio files, but not when I'm in a 'montage'.

Again, when I right click while inside a highlighted area of a montage, and then add an effect, only uad-1 plugs are showing.

I really am lost here. Any other suggestions?



OK, I just ran a couple of more experiments. In addition to simply not being able to access my other plugs,.. apparently there's a problem with my uad-1 cpu load being exceeded. ( at least according to the message I get when trying to render a montage)

I even went so far as to unload an eq, to free up some cpu,.. still the same message. Note that my uad-1 cpu meter is only at around 51% when the montage is playing back. I know I can run the percentage much higher than that when I'm rendering a 2 track audio file, so this problem seems for sure to be only when using a wavelab montage. Other than that, everything within the montage seems to be functioning fine.

Even more confused.

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