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Waves SSL 4000 -Who´s tried it?

Waves SSL 4000 -Who´s tried it?

How do they sound? They look nice and the \"fact\" that they spent over a year on them doesn make it any worse.....


ssl 4000

You can find topics on waves ssl plugins in the \"everything but uad forum\"
Anyway I've tried them this week (my demo expire next day :cry: ), it's pretty impressive, the channel strip particularly. I loaded it on a kick drum track and loaded the \"kick drum\" preset of the plugins, very very impressive. the gate is amazing to me. I can't make comparisons with the hardware because I've never worked on it :roll: . It's a shame they don't sell the plugins without bundle because the channel strip at a better price will be a better deal... (I've renderded the track with the kick...before demo ends)

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Re: ssl demo

ubuntumusic said:
do you need a ilok to demo native ssl?
Yes you do.
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