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We need a eventide like harmonizer!


So space echo and multiband are coming out!

Soon they will do the tape emualtion. I think it is time for
a quality eventide like harmonizer
we will have some serious bases covered when that happens!

My vote!


New Member
agree completely. when i discovered the eventide in school, i used it ALL the time. it was the one piece of gear that i could spend hours using and learning and never get tired of.
Don't forget the good old AMS ... still sounds stunning!


New Member
WOW! An Eventide Harmonizer on a UAD!!! I would buy that in a heartbeat - am actually thinking of getting a real one on e-bay, but money's tight these days, right? :?

Anyway, get going on a software emulation and I'll be the first one to buy :lol:



Though I own an H3000, I'd immediately buy a UA Eventide 949 harmonizer type thingy.

But I'd buy a UA/Eventide Instant Phaser first.


Active Member
I would love to see a 949 or H3000 but I kind of doubt it will happen. Eventide have several plugins out for PT (including the instant flanger and pitch-shifters I believe) but unless UA collaborate directly with them it probably won't happen for legal reasons.

Meanwhile AudioDamage Discord is a pretty good 910 emu and quite cheap.

http://www.audiodamage.com/product_info ... ducts_id=8


Active Member
Don't forget the Trem/Mod/Echo in the meantime, it's no Eventide but it can be used for some seriousely crazy effects that occasionally remind me of my Eventide Eclipse.

Lots of fun to be had anyway... \:D/


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