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we need a midi learn !


Oh yes , you are right , this topic keeps on coming here since ages, it is just that it is simply not handy to control our wonderfull UA plug ins with real knobs, specially with the cubendo.

Yesterday i did a few tests using Reaper & the way you can automate on the fly the parameters of the plug ins is just so simple....efficient.

It is pretty much the same feeling when you turn real knobs on an analog synth & trying to build a good sound on a virtual one.

i feel myself one thousand time more efficient with my hands than with a trackball...

Anyone has experienced the way NI Kore surface control is working with the UA plug ins ?




MIDI Learn :D
I´d like to see a right click drop down menu as well, offering a list with all the \"midi-learned\" knobs added, with the ability to change the behaviour of the control with standard features like linear/invert exponential/parabole and so on. The drop down menu should be displaying ALL controls added from ANY of the UAD-1 plug-ins regardless insert/send. This to prevent a chaotic situation when improvising, and let us improvise without planning and constantly have the chance to change the setup. And, of course, it should be possible to use the SAME control to make an endless amount of UAD (2?) plugs to react, with the preferred behaviour/envelope.
What about a petition for this? (Who isn´t to lazy to go for that \"generic remote\" inspiration killer?)


Regarding behaviour of the control tweaked; I´d like to add that, having the ability to LIMIT the RANGE of the control would be an obsolete feature. (MIDI can send 0-255. That range would be converted to any desired action; an increament of a threshold of a comp, and simultaneausly sweeping a hi-pass filter of the cambridge from X-Y, and the intensity of the Space-Echo slightly increased, while the panning of the reverb and delay of the same unit switching speakers, but hmm maybe not all the way, let´s have them twist just a little... and so on)

And speaking midi, I wouldn´t mind something like this
\"A-143-4 \"Multiple Synced VC LFO\"
and possibly a \"DCA-mixer\" for these modulation sources, with the ability to re-trigger the lfo:s and phase-shift them and tweak the polaritys. Anyone who´s tried Basement Arts \"Frantic Filter\" would understand what I´m after.


Additional request on midi-learn:
Many synthezisers´ controls DO NOT TRANSMIT regular \"MIDI Control Change\" data, but they do send their unique SysEx. UAD should be able to learn ANY of these controls, making it possible to use, for example, an old Roland JD-800 to tweak UA-plugs.

I suspect that a generic \"UAD-powered plugins midi-learn\" will have to consist of either one of these solutions:

* UAD-2 with it´s own physical midi input port.
* UAD-X appearing as a VSTi - displaying all the plugs \"on-line\"
* UAD-X standalone - advantages for you who use the UAD card and PC as a live-FX box. (for instance, with hardware samplers, Roland V-Drums, etc)

Why? Because otherwise we would have to add a specific midi channel for every plug we want to control, which - with the above described ideas in mind - would contribute to many limitations. And besides it´s a pity, not being able to simply apply \"MIDI-LEARN\" without any additional action.
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