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What I want in terms of a UAD guitar plugin in 2024


There’s an obvious path in terms of converting UAD guitar pedals into UAD plugins that I won’t go into.

I’d like something different: a plug-in I can track through in real time that will play TWO NAM amp captures and IR impulse modeling. The NAM software is open-source and could be readily adapted. I want one slot for a distortion pedal and then a slot for an amp capture (which could have an IR baked in or could be a direct input recording) and then a slot for 1-2 IRs. Level controls between each slot, and the ability to turn off the unused slots to save DSP. This would add amp captures to the UAD universe and give the flexibility to mix and match with other DSP plugins for real time tracking or monitoring.

It should come with a set of UAD licensed or produced captures plus the ability to load your own. If you used an amalgam audio capture set, for example, you could add the ability to select between captures of a given amp on the basis of gain (clean, edge, driven, dimed) and tone (dark, normal, thin, bright) settings used for the capture. If you used a Sultans of Stomp pedal capture, you could select the capture with the closest combination of knob settings to what you want. You could have similar controls to select from a range of IRs for a specific speaker (e.g. distance, mic type, and tone).

The plug-in would come with a range of 4-5 amp captures and IRs that cover the basic types, with others available for purchase from UAD. But it should also be open in that you can load your own captures and IRs into the interface.

Although this technology is evolving, NAM is emerging as an open source standard used by many hardware/software companies and by many sellers of amp and pedal captures.

Would be great to be able to use it as a UAD DSP plugin for real time tracking and monitoring. If that’s not technically possible due to DSP limitations, would be good to know that as well.

EDITED to use the term “amp captures” more consistently; original post sometimes used “models” instead.
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Well, for what they have, it's kinda a PA/Softube collaboration, which I'd like an overhaul. Yeah, the pedals made plugs would be really nice.
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