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What mastering software do you guys use, to incorporate UAD


Active Member
I was wondering which mastering software is popular on the board, where people are using UAD plugs in their mastering...

Sound Forge is something I have used in the past, but I havent done any mastering for a couple of years...

It would be nice to also do CD preparation as well, last time in did anything like that it was with sound forge, and CD Architecht, which is now included in sound forge 9 I see...

Anything else I should consider..

I am using Sonar producer 6 and have a RME 9632 card...if thats any help



Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
I switched from Sound Forge to Wavelab years ago for mastering as it's a lot better for recalling projects.


Active Member
I just had a quick look at the wavelab on steinbergs site...

looks pretty interesting..

Anyone here use Wavelab essentail..the cheapy version...8)...

My stuff usually goes out to a mastering engineer...but I would like to have the ability to master inhouse again...

I read thru the pages, but cant really get a feel for the limitations of essentials...so i thought if someone here was using it i could ask a few questions..




Can't find the feature list for WL essential at the moment, the pic on the site shows those really old plugin guis (scary!). Better make it a WL6 studio or buy some hardware where WL essential comes bundled with :)


Established Member
Sound Forge usually with a combination of tools (typically UAD precision tools).


I use Wavelab also, mainly for the fx chain presets you can save.
It's alos pretty good for metering.
One thing I wish it would do (somewhat realated to the topic) is for any plugs in WL to recieve midi messages so I don't have to tweak parimeters with a mouse :(
Anyone have a sugesstion of a similar program that would allow me to tweak with a control surface instead of the mouse??

Dan Duskin

Established Member
Most mastering profesionals (on the PC) are using WaveLab or Sequoia for track index sequencing and burning... and burning to a Taiyo Yuden 650MB (74min) discs on a Plextor CD burner at the slowest speed. It's THE most bomb-proof quality solution (for mastering)!

In regards to processing...
Most top-notch mastering houses are using outboard analog compressors and EQ's (Manley, Avalon, GML, and several others). However, some digital processing it often used... and the most common is:
- Weiss
- TC Electronic System 6000

Cass Anawaty

Dan Duskin said:
Most mastering profesionals (on the PC) are using WaveLab or Sequoia for track index sequencing and burning... and burning to a Taiyo Yuden 650MB (74min) discs on a Plextor CD burner at the slowest speed. It's THE most bomb-proof quality solution (for mastering)!
Even better is a DDP file, but I don't think Wavelab does that.

Eddie Macarthur

Active Member
sound forge which now comes with cd architect is what i mainly use for the cd preparation. i use ua precision limiter and/or izotope ozone. you can use them on a per-clip basis (like in wavelab) and cd architect WILL store the entire project and all it's settings.
p.s. forge 9 now comes with an izotope mastering bundle built in, giving you cut down versions of ozone plugins for free.


I have a small Wavelab SE version for that. Fast and easy. For burning I like Feurio more.

I don´t really understand, why not use Cubase in Stereo 2 Track Mode for mastering. If only a few plugins are needed I use Wavelab, mainly because the environment is more focussed with less overhead and offers faster booting times ;) .


Active Member
I got the wavelab essential for CD authoring and for basicly tweaking mixes to sound good together and I'm pretty happy with it. I chose it because I could use 3rd party plugins and others I looked at , as far as I could tell with minimal research, didn't. It works fine for what I do and if you're sending your serious projects out it could be just fine.


Stuart Stuart

Active Member
I simply load up the master fader of SX3 with my mastering chain (which at this only uses the Cambridge from the UAD set) - I like to mix and master all at once. I've always felt that if I'm going to mix and then master myself, it's needless double handling. If I'm going to send it off to a mastering house, then fine.


Most of the times I use Nuendo 3 for (pre)mastering to make a 24/44.1kHz file of the full CD. Then I use Wavelab 6 to set all cd tracks, add dithering and burn the CD. Nuendo is much more flexible if you need complicated plugin chains.
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