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What pci latency ultility to use optimizing DAW tips&tricks


I saw in some post's that some of these bios tweaking apps dont save and you have to set it up at start up everytime.

Which bios tweaking utility is the best to use?

I figure some of you guys got the same setup

p4c800 e deluxe
Sata raptors
corsair ram
matrox p750
uad-1 x 3
tcpowercore pci
lynx aes 16
xp pro corp sp1
cubase sx 2.02.002020303 etc the latest

Anyone have this setup and test the bios tweaking utlilities ?
Any tips ?


There are some bios tweaking utilities but the ones that have been lately discussed here in this forum are just windows programs that let you adjust pci latencies for each device. Take a look at the 'pci latency' thread and you'll find the programs. The one I use which saves the settings and loads them up on every boot is ltcycfg.exe. Powerstrip also saves the settings and loads them up on boot up.

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