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Which one to favour? Plate 140 or Dimension D?

If you had to choose between these two, which one to buy?

  • UAD Plate 140

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  • UAD Roland Dimension D

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Venerated Member
hi guys,

first off, i'm rather new here. however i've been silently reading for quite a while now. glad to be part of this wonderful forum! :)

i was wondering what material you guys are specifically using your uad plate 140 and roland dimension d plugins on or how you're using them in general? i'd be thankful for any reply.

just wondering, if you could pick and buy one of these which one would you prefer and why? also, which of these would you replace by which native plugin? any of equal quality?

my demos have expired a while ago and i didn't have too much time to test em out. but well, i guess the dimension d is quite unique and probably the best software chorus (next to the ce-1) out there at the moment - not really replacable by anything native/non-powered i know.



Established Member
Honestly, I don't see the point of this. Its not like you'recomparing two EQ's or something. These are completely different types of plugs for different apps.


Active Member
for native reverb (or any reverb) there is no reason to look anywhere else other than Altiverb (ok, maybe there is reason, but altiverb is *stunning*)

also, VSS-3 for powercore.. (but, that requires powercore)

but, yes, comparing a reverb to a chorus really is impossible.. however, i think there are better native reverb plugs out there (altiverb) than there are replacements for the Dimension D.


Venerated Member
i'm not trying to compare them, that'd be nuts ;)

it's just more a question of which one appears more useful to you, why you'd ditch the other one, and what's your use of these. eg. heard the plate 140 should fit in nice on vocals.

however, i think there are better native reverb plugs out there (altiverb) than there are replacements for the Dimension D.
thanks taylor! that's the kind of reply i was looking for :)

just trying to figure out which of the plugs would come in more handy in practical use.


Active Member
Agree it doesn't make that much sense, but still...

I use the Plate in every single project.



Active Member
Cabbage said:
Agree it doesn't make that much sense, but still...

I use the Plate in every single project.

Me too, but then I don´t own Demension D (yet) :D

Dan Duskin

Established Member
By far.... Dimension-D !!!!

I have several reverbs that rival the Plate140... but I've never heard a chorus plugin anywhere near as silky and 3D as the Dimension-D !!!

PS: I'm not bashing the Plate140, it's pretty good.


I agree.. There are load of reverb plugs, but I haven't find a plug what the Dimension-D can do.
But if you haven't a decent reverb then I suggest you better take the Plate 140 now and later DD. :)



If you have a specific use for the Dimension D type of effect, then by all means, it's pretty inimitable. But I do mostly editing, mastering and post-mixing kinds of tasks here, sometimes mixing but never tracking.

Anyway, the Plate 140 is FAR more generally useful! I use it on nearly every project somewhere.

Yes, there are other reverbs, but even with hardware I find that it takes A LOT of tweaking to come close to the richness and body of this sound. What it does to, for example, a lead male vocal is stunning. It's not just a reverb. It's a fattener!


Paul Woodlock

Established Member
two very different plugs of course.

Plate 140 is used on every project here. Dimension-D isn't, but when itr is nothign else will come close.

I would get bpth and get the 140 first.


Active Member
Plate 140. As nice as the Altiverb IR of it is, it isn't this.

Dimension D is great and if I hadn't alreadty bought the CE-1 I would have bought it but I really don't use that much chorus.


This is a great thread as I think I'm going to buy one of them (with my $50 voucher)

I was set on the Dim D...since I have reverbs already...but now i'm not sure. It seems everyone who has it LOVES the plate.

I'm working with electronic music mostly so I'm thinking Dim D...and probably the plate 140 down the road. (maybe another voucher from UA next year?)

I think if I was doing more tracking and vocals, I'd go for the Plate.

Ohh well, I have a few more hours to decide.


Active Member
Dimension D is great for making things wide and larger than life in the stereo field, but without making it pan around all over the place (like other chorus effects do, eg CE-1).

Instruments just sound HUGE when put thru the dimension D, no other plug I've tried comes close!

Plate 140 - it depends on how \"exposed\" you want your reverb to be. If you want it really visible in the mix, then the 140 will do the job with its dense, smooth reverb tail. But on \"busier\" mixes, this can muddy the water a bit, so I tend to use realverb pro when I need to have more control over the reverb tail's density.

(btw if you buy both plugs, then you can send a bit of the reverb from your 140 thru a dimension D to make it sound super wide and smooth!
sweeeet! )


I got to play with the DIM D after buying it the other day and I REALLY like it.

I think the key is def to make another track and keep one dry with another through the D.

I used it on sime rap/hip-hop vocals and it was wonderful.

Any other tip/tricks/hints with the D?

(need to DJ another wedding for my plate 140 money :lol: )


UAD Plate 140 but ony because I have a hardware Dimension D.

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
Its a hard question.

I lusted greatly over plates when i was younger and get a huge kick out of having a virtual one thats so realistic, no doubt about that.

still you could arguably get by with altiverb/sir etc.

if you want DD its harder to find a native alternative.

both are just like being there


Active Member
I don't know how it's possible but I had never tried Logic's ensemble plugin before today. All I can say is wow. I guess I don't have to buy the dimension d now. :eek:
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