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Who want's a UAD Sta-Level?


New Member
I'll vote for a Sta-Level, a BA-6A, an Altec 436C, and a Federal compressor. Oh hell, while we're at it, throw in a Neve 2254.
How does a Sta-Level differ from an LA2A, sonically or functionally?

Not saying it doesn't differ... I just don't know how it does! Never heard a real Sta-Level (though I have heard and used a real LA2A).


New Member
They're similar, but the Sta-Level definitely sounds better IMO on bass. It's got a bigger, fatter sound to my ears.


Yeah, That's what I've always heard. That the Sta-Level is great for bass.
It is very popular in greater studios and is employed for just that function.

Most of these old units like the federal, gates sta-level and altec like the LA-2A were broadcast limiters. They found their way into recording studios
later in life. Scince the UAD guys are good at limiters and these devices
are expensive to aquire and maintain, I thought it would be real nice of them
to virtualize some of these prized old circuits.

The Sta-Level is mono and is a variable-mu device like a fairchild.

You can gape at old limiters here.

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