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Who would like a Joe Meek SC2 emulation?

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
It's got to be the right version, though. How sad would it be if UA modeled one of the current ones by mistake?


Established Member
I would be ALL OVER THAT.

Just make sure it's the right version like what was said, and for heaven's sake, NOT the SC2.2! :lol:


Established Member


Did I mention I think it's the hugest sounding compressor I ever heard?

In fact, it may be the -only- compressor that sounds really distinctive to -my- tin ears.


Ben Logan

Active Member
I'd love to see UA release anything in the way of \"colored\" compressors. More crayons in the box, as they say...


Active Member
What is the difference between the different versions?

I have a SC3, and it sounds OK - not fantastic but not bad. The \"transient release\" knob is a real asset!



New Member
One of the few to still have one...

I got mine about 5 years ago as a demo model from Sam Ash in Hollywood. Little did I know what a rare piece of gear it has become! It has a fantastic sound, expecially for the price.

As for versions, I checked mine out awhile back, and though I didn't even realize this at the time I bought it, I lucked out getting a SC2 v1.05... it even has unlinked mono output gain knobs on the front. This is odd because most builds of the SC2 have a single stereo gain knob in the back.

But from what i've read online, the v1.05 is an extremely rare make and is what all other SC2 builds are based off of. It is the original SC2.

So I would suggest capturing that one, but it WOULD be neat to see an SC1 captured as well, the actual Joe Meek build and not the one re-issued by Ted Fletcher.

UA is more then welcome to capture mine! Err just don't break it, it's like my baby haha. :) I think it's in one of the pics on my sight.


Max Rebo
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