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Win XP Pro or Home? Do I need Pro?

Hi there,

i'm just building a new DAW and asking myself if i need XP Pro or is home also ok for a DAW? I do only music with the computer. I want to use 3 sreens (Matrox P650 triple head upgraded) and a dualcore CPU (4800+/a8v deluxe). Is win xp home compatible with 3 sreens and dualcore athlon x2?

Thanks for your help



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Yes home is enough. you do need pro for dual (physical) processors.


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ignorance at the time I bought it :lol: :lol:


secretworld said:
Yes home is enough. you do need pro for dual (physical) processors.
but he wrote:
"I want to use 3 sreens (Matrox P650 triple head upgraded) and a dualcore CPU (4800+/a8v deluxe)"

so he will need XP Pro ! :wink:
I have a dualcore CPU (4800+/a8v deluxe) too and I bought XP Home because I didn't know that XP home does not support dual processors... too bad :-(


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no please home does support dualcore, not dual processor!
thanks for the link - i already knew it. but it doesnt say anything about multimonitorsupport and dualcore support :(

Dan Duskin said:
Check this site... it will show you a list of all the differences... very easy (and QUICK) to see the differences...

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home ... sing2.mspx

...personally... I need support for multiple processors and remote desktop (and several of the other features in pro could become usable to me at any moment).


One nice thing about the Pro version is that you can use the administrative templates when you run gpedit.msc

This way you can remove commands and files you never use from the right click menus, start menu, etc. It's a small issue, probably not worth the added price, but I find it keeps things nice and uncluttered that way.


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Personally I hate home edition, it's like \"Windows Lite\". [-(

But home is fine for your uses AFAIK. Besides, there's probably an upgrade path if you need to go the whole hog later...


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