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Windows VISTA


Active Member
Anyone planning to upgrade?

I'm running the beta on my PC, and it works great.

All of my music software ( Cubase, Wavelab, ect ) appear to be working properly. HOWEVER...my UAD is the only hardware device that does not work. Even my RME Multiface works well without new drives.

Looks like we need a Vista driver for the UAD.

Asked the same question a couple of weeks before, but with no response. It seems most people here are not interested yet, which is partly understandable. I just hope UAD doesn't take too long to deliver some drivers. At least an update on the status of it's development would be well appreciated.



I am very interested in vista personally (been running the 64bit RCs for a while), not just for the performance boost 64 bit will give but for the added amount of ram supported for individual programs. I am already hitting the top with some of my projects in Nuendo so a dedicated 64bit vista version of this would be sweet. Also need poco drivers to! Everything else running fine tho.

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