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Working AMD x2 motherboards?


The Originator
I've seen a lot of threads recently about this...i was thinking of moving to this myself (never having tried AMD before).

Are there any consistently safe motherboards/processor combinations that work with the UAD?

Sorry for any duplicate threads...but it didnt seem anyone pinpointed a working configuration in the other threads.



Sadly, left this world before his time.
ASUS A8V Deluxe works perfectly with UAD-1/X2; if you can still find one, that is. :wink:


I want to go Dual Core Dual Opteron. What is the perfect MOBO for these with 2 x UAD-1s and 1 RME HDSP 9652?



Sadly, left this world before his time.
I think I'd follow Brian's, Scott's etc. advice @ the Nuendo forum and get a Tyan S2895 and a Magma off ebay.
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