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Thread: ATTENTION: Regarding Windows Apollo Threads...

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    ATTENTION: Regarding Windows Apollo Threads...

    There are many, many, negative threads floating around about Windows Apollo support.

    Your frustration is not necessarily unfounded and UA is extremely aware of the concerns, since Windows users are half of all UAD users.

    However, the General, Apollo, and even Support forums are not the place for those threads. Please be aware that all Windows Apollo thunderbolt complaint threads will be moved to the Unrest forum, where it is completely appropriate to voice all your concerns and frustration.

    This is necessary because the signal to noise ratio is just way too high for the main purpose of this forum—helping and learning from others about becoming better engineers and producers through UAD plugins.

    We need to keep more order to the forum so it's not a sounding board for negativity, but rather be the community it is.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Thank you. Well said and fully supported here.

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
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    THANK YOU!!!!

    Hopefully now we can get back to discussions on music, mixing, techniques and of course... plug-ins.

    I'm hopping back on the bass thread. That one really got my mind going.
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    Thank you!
    Justin Newton
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