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Thread: Looks like Pro Tools 12.8 is about to be released...

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    i feel very many of the PT issues you guys mention, rarely, if ever, happen to me. I'm a very happy PT user and owner. I've only ever used Logic and then moved to PT.....I liked both programs alot, but more of PT felt more natural to me.

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    Well, I've been a PT user, then PT HD user for many years before they put in their stoopid pricing plan, then wouldn't enumerate what the process would entail for HD users for about 8 months. I got so frustrated by the whole process I sold my whole PTHD rig (HDX card, 8x8x8 I/O, Artist Mix, Artist Transport, and a bunch of AAX only plugins), and came to UAD with an Apollo 8 Firewire, then an Apollo 8 blackface quad and 2 TB Satellite Octo's. I did purchase an orphaned copy of PTHD so I could maintain older projects, of which there are many and also bought into S1 (back when 2.6.5 was out). I thn went to 3.0 and now am at 3.3.4. I've recently started to go back to working in PTHD because of 3 very annoying issues with S1. 1: Solo in place is broken, especially when using automated mutes. The mutes won't shut off the sends on channels with mute automation which causes guitars, vocals, etc. to come blasting through in the mix at the same time you're trying to eq an acoustic piano...VERY annoying... and unprofessional especially to a client who wanted to run with Pro Tools to begin with. There are other artifacts associated with the solo/muting but I'll just leave the big issue here. 2: No multi monitor touch support! I run with dual Ravens so I can have the mix and edit windows open and separate. I can't use the second monitor in S1. 3: The autosave pops up when you have it configured to do so and interrupts your workflow with a blip and locks you out of control when it happens. Sux big time when you're in the middle of an edit or it puts an audio glitch into a realtime bounce of a mix to a wav...

    I can't use S1 for mixdown (SIP busted), tracking (dual monitor support unsupported), or mastering (save dialog pops at the worst times). I've actually put a whole thread with an associated video on how, what, why, and when the SIP issue occurs. I just got a single reply from Tech saying they were aware of the problem, but no fix is forthcoming, but to make sure I look at future releases to address the issue. (Sounds almost like AVID! ).

    If any serious S1 users experience the SIP problem would you please let me know. I feel like Major Tom over the one admits they have it, or it's not something they are experiencing...

    These are some of the reasons I sincerely hope UAD stays away from the DAW field. I love their products and don't want them 'diluted' due to resources being channeled in other directions.

    As far as PT 12.8, I just hope they don't break a bunch of stuff with compatibility with my UAD stuff...requiring a rollback to 12.4 (where I've been for a while due to a lot of I see as would be show stoppers for me). The reason I'm considering 12.8 is because I'm on 10.10.5 and have been looking to upgrade to 10.12.5, now that UAD 9.2 is qualified.
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