I am completely ITB with most of the UAD catalog but I really like having tactile knob control of the plugin parameters. I have a Nektar Panorama P6 that has eight knobs for plugin parameter control (and sliders and more knobs and buttons controls for VI instruments). It also comes with a Logic parameter assignment tool that uses Logic's internal plist feature. So without using automap type wrappers I can dictate what plugin parameters go against the 8 knobs across multiple pages.

So now I find myself looking at all the plugin interfaces even the wide UAD catalog in clusters of 8 and simply page back and forth and the crisp display tells the names clearly (not encrypted) and the values and a larger display populates when I turn a knob so I can see it easily when in action.

So my mind is starting to anticipate the 8 parameters and its becoming more second nature to physically engage with the UAD plugins.

I know its quicker to move mouse directly to the knob especially for complex ones and not doing any paging but somehow the fumbling with the mouse and getting it to hover in right spot and then the sliding motion of the mouse doesn't allow me to focus on the sound changes like when I physically move the knobs and I can quickly without looking down and slide my finger to grab knob and can quickly page with the two directional physical buttons.

I also have all the presets of the UAD catalog in my Logic library so again I can scroll up and down with physical preset buttons on my controller.

I was also in the market for a do it all keyboard and because of its tight integration with Logic - have all the parameters and presets mapped to the top VI's for synth, organ, piano etc.

And I find its dedicated transport controls with scrubs, undos, marker navigation, punch in and loop locator knobs while meant for easy creative keyboard track generation, but I have adopted it for my voice, guitar and bass tracking.

But back to the power of 8 - I think seeing the UAD plugin interfaces in logical clump of 8's with assignable mappings and crisp responsive legible english label display is the way to slay the physical control concerns for me.

Now if I get a S3 or a Nucleus, then I will be talking about the power of 16.