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Thread: quick basic patchbay question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    For your described purpose a patch bay is an unnecessary expense and further possible point of failure.

    Any decent piece of kit will accept thousands of insertion/removals, and your Apollo likely has higher quality connection components than a budget patch bay.

    If you only need to access the two HighZ inputs on your Apollo, and you are worried about creating some wear and tear on those inputs, why not just use a short TRS to TRS extender? Same utility as the patch bay (for this purpose), cheaper, mobile and fewer possible points of failure.

    ronmac hi
    Thank you
    Your response makes the most sense.
    I think I can keep a lead connected to the Apollo down to a footswitch, then plug the guitar in out of that, less things to go fail, as you point out.
    Also, maybe I am worrying about nothing really!
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    If you must use a patch bay, I can recommend a DBX PB-48. It uses good quality balanced jacks. It can be set up as either fully or half normalled, and you can mult an input to two outputs. It will accept either balanced or unbalanced TRS or TS cables.

    Remember that your guitar's magnetic pickups are output in Hi Z, unbalanced TS format. And the longer the cable you use, the greater the possibility that capacitance loading will degrade the sound. Add to this the fact that you will need two TS cables, one from the guitar to the patch bay, and another to the Apollo. Get cables that are as short and high quality that you can.
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