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Thread: Ultimate Uad Plugin setup/template for typical rock metal song.

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    Ultimate Uad Plugin setup/template for typical rock metal song.

    Ok guys I started unboxing my new Twin Quad and Octo satellite last night and will start working on setting it up this evening. I bought it with the intention of using the SSL channel on every track but I'm wondering what you guys think would be the ultimate plugin setup for a rock or metal song. I will also get the Api channel free too. My typical session would be about 35 tracks including busses and Masterbuss. I've heard of people puting a studer tape on every channel too. Is this what you guys do? A lot of these tracks will be mono so I should be able to have the dsp but if I don't I can just get another Octo. What is the ultimate setup? I want the ultimate UAD experience!!!!

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    Use your tastes and ears to determine this. You will be a better, happier, and fulfilled artist for it. All UAD plugins have a 14 day demo trial.

    Some suggestions to check out.... Neve 1073, 1081, 88RS, API 550, Vision, Harrison, Helios, Trident

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    The Standards: 1176, LA2A, Pultec, Fairchild

    Tape: Studer on Channels and Busses, Ampex on Master

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    Manley Massive Passive/Vari-mu

    Verbs: 224, AMS, EMT 140 & 250, Ocean Way

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    other suggestions: Soundtoys 5
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    Absolutely experiment and do what ever sounds good, there are no rules. That said, I like to treat my songs as if I were in a recording studio in the 80's! By that I mean that if it's an audio track that would have been recorded to tape, then I put the Studer 800 as the 1st insert on that track. This goes for recorded audio and VI's (which I always render to audio before I mix). Likewise with console emulations, if it would have been on a fader in my 80's studio session then it gets console emulation. I generally don't use the Studer as an insert on things like fx returns because they wouldn't have been recorded on a track (but if it sounds good, then of course). In my 80's studio dream world there are 3 local studios I work at. My favorite has an SSL 4000E with a Studer 800 and Ampex ATR-102, my second favorite has an API Vision Console (also with a Studer 800 and Ampex ATR-102, my third favorite has a Neve 88RS (also with a Studer 800 and Ampex ATR-102) and finally I may start going to a new local studio that has a rare Helios Type 69 Console (and yes they also have a Studer 800 and Ampex ATR-102). All 4 of these studios are closer than the nearest Starbucks, how cool is that?
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