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Thread: What good's a Preset Exchange without enough presets, eh?

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    We love you Matt: honest !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Hepworth View Post
    It was brutal because the truth hurts a bit.

    It's been very high on my short list but I somehow can't seem to finish the darn thing and every time I come back to it it's been long enough I've forgotten how the syntax and functions need to work.

    Thanks so much for reaching out. I really appreciate it. I'm just a bit frazzled and being a little snarky back just kind of came out. Sorry for that!
    No worries on my end! I have a journal article I am currently revising and resubmitting, and it is the same for me! I wrote it months ago, and now I have to revisit all of the stuff I said when it was fresh in my mind, edit it as if I now know what it was I was saying then, and convince some editor that it's worthy. Don't worry, I know this process is tough. Please know that we all support the effort, regardless of timeline.


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