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Thread: Authorization Tips

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    Authorization Tips

    Hi all,

    I wanted to give you two tips for authorizing your systems that may help.

    1) Always use the UAD Meter & Control Panel to generate your new auth files. Launch the Meter & Control Panel, click on the popdown menu in the upper right corner and select Plug-ins. Then, click Authorize Plug-ins from the the window.auth_zpscfeeb07a.jpg

    2) Discard old Auth files from you downloads folder. You'd be surprised how many people simply use the wrong file and load an out of date auth.

    Hopefully, these two simple tips will save you a call to CS!


    Gannon Kashiwa

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    Excellent - this immediately fixed my situation - thanks GK. All the best to the UA folks - as usual, job well done.

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    posted on gs new thread:

    New Ua authorization -

    now where's my friggin scotch ?

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    Hi there,

    I recently purchased the Neve 1073 preamp eq plugin. Therefore I also did the software-update from v7.30 (or so) to the last 8.40. Special authorization wasn_t necessary for this new version and my purchased plugin was listed in the control panel as authorized for all devices. But after opening my sequencer (Cubase) the new plugin wasn_t listed there even after I did a scan for new plugins. Even the search for the new plugin on my computer (programm files etc.) had no results.

    Anybody here who has an idea what to do? Any help is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!


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