Having strange issues with UAD plugin behaviour, try this first:

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Here is a set of steps to get rid of the bad prefs and start again.

1. Uninstall UAD software: Uninstall & Firmware (Windows 7) (make sure to manually delete device drivers from Device Manager)

2. Trash Pro Tools prefs: How do I trash my Pro Tools preferences? | SweetCare

3. Reinstall UAD software

4. Perform win 7 aax initialization procedure:

Initializing AAX 64 for Windows 7

Important: To use Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools 12 with UAD AAX 64 plug-ins under Windows 7 and UAD v8 software, the following steps are required. The procedure must be performed each time an updated version of UAD software is installed (once for UAD v8.0.0, once for future UAD releases, etc):

1. Install the UAD v8.0.0 software software. Be sure to restart the computer after installation.
2. Open the Pro Tools application. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are automatically scanned during launch.
3. Click "No" when Pro Tools displays a message indicating some UAD AAX plug-ins failed to load. This message can be safely dismissed.
4. After all plug-in scans are complete, QUIT Pro Tools. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are now properly initialized and ready for use the next time Pro Tools is opened.

If Pro Tools is not quit after the initial plug-in scan, Pro Tools AAE error -14018 and/or other anomalies may occur.

Hope this helps!

Gannon Kashiwa