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Thread: Apollo Twin USB issue with USB 3.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Schenk View Post
    Hi 1960es,

    There is a lot of info about USB setup and known issues on UA's website. Unfortunately there is a lot of USB info, and it is not at all well organized, and as such is very difficult to sort through. For example the Twin USB only works with certain USB chipset drivers.

    "Incompatible Windows Systems

    Computers that do not have USB 3 natively built in to the motherboard are not compatible with Apollo Twin USB.
    Using USB 3 adapters (such as PCIe-to-USB 3 adapter cards) are not compatible when used with USB 2 motherboards.
    Motherboards and PCIe to USB 3 adapter cards that use USB 3 controller chips from the following manufacturers are are not recommended for use with Apollo Twin USB:

    Texas Instruments
    Fresco Logic

    More here:

    :- Don
    UA had a video up that discussed installation and Setup for Apollo Twin USB3 for systems that already have both hardware and software installed. I can't seem to find this and I am unable to get the Twin to Setup on 2 of my systems, it continually fails. If there is a link or a procedure document floating around online, I'd be very grateful to know it's location!
    My studio' main computer has Octo cards and the latest software already installed. I suppose I'm trying to work out whether or not I need to uninstall UAD v9.0 and then reinstall After initialisaing the TWIN'S Console 2.0 install. If that is in fact the case, it will have to wait until I clear a few jobs from my computer before getting to use the Twin...which is kind of frustrating. I can't recall ever having so much difficulty getting an interface to work! As a long time UAD and UA user, I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! Any thoughts shared are greatly appreciated kind regards, gene
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