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Thread: Roland Jv1080

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    Roland Jv1080

    Some time ago, i got back at getting more hardware synths... i kinda missed tge character en quirky sounds... sometimes lo fi, or really dated sounds that just fit the feel within certain music style.

    Like using that ams rmx16 on the toms in nonlineair mode. It makes it instant 80.

    So i got this jv1080 rompler from a marketplace. Always had my doubts about getting one. Its not a real synth i think. The compresaion is not great (32khz da too). But man..when I connected the thing... love. It sounded bit compressed however still warm, big, dark. Even tho the ADs are outdated, it still sounds great. Not havr been able to get this out of a VST. It brings me back to alot of 80s and 90s classics.

    Adding ambience of the rmx16 and an uad610-A completed a lovely sound. I think in the end, it does lack some stereo width, but it can be carefully enhanced or eq, making sure the magic is still in the sound.

    It might be just me, but i think somrtimes, i feel that when you feed your sources with a proper psu, it start making better sound, rather than using switching power supplies. Wondering if I should replace my psus for the blofeld and dsi tetra.
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    I still have a JV180 and an old Korg Wavestation SR... They sound so different to soft synths, as you say likely down to the sample rate/converters etc....
    I have the piano and ethnic boards in the JV and again as you say the JV has some great sounds, i think it has a 'gooey' sound to it on some sounds which i really like.
    The Wavestation on the other hand, is incredibly grainy and dark sounding, nothing at all like the plugin version, MUCH darker and to my mind much nicer for it........ especially good for dark/creepy stuff

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