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Thread: Comparing IK T-Racks and UAD

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    Comparing IK T-Racks and UAD

    A while back I got a bunch of T-Racks plugins to use as a backup in case I didn't have my UAD system available. I was curious how the two compared so I decided to do a basic drum mix with the two of them.
    It's mostly API EQs, 1176s, Pultec, 33609 and so on. I think both came out about the way I intended them to. But i have to say it was a lot quicker and more pleasant to get there with the UAD plugins. And I could never really get the Black76 to behave the way I wanted it to. But it was a fun little experiment. I'm going to try doing it to a full mix when I get the time. If anything it's a good way to learn the IK plugins.

    One interesting thing to note is that the UAD mix used 40% of an Octo and the IK mix used about 40% of my 2.5GHz i7.

    Rock Kit A.mp3
    Rock Kit B.mp3

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    That is interesting. Do you mean 40% of all your CPU cores? And was that with oversampling switched on or off? The IK stuff seems to use a lot of CPU when it's in high quality mode.

    I prefer A, I like the extra punch in the low end. It sounds like it's overdriving slightly which I like. And there's a bit more air around the sounds. I would guess that B is IK as my experience is that it sounds a bit 'safer' than the UAD stuff. And if B is IK, it sounds like you *might* have oversampling switched off, because the high end air drops a bit. But I wont be gambling my house on any of that...!

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